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We help people find inner peace and focus

What does it mean to Plugin?

[plʌɡ.ɪn] plug-in, plug in
phrasal verb

To tune into the state of inner peace

“I’m going to plugin in before I make a decision!”

Weekly Events

Facilitated by our founder, Hjalte and Plugin Certified facilitators

Plugin Saunagus

You are capable of much more than you think.
Expand your mental and physical limits through a combination heat, cold, neuro acoustics and breathwork.

Plugin Breathwork

Get direct access to control your nervous system.
Access deeper states of your being and experience improved performance and presence instantly.

Weekly Event Calendar


Monthly Events


Join us at the Plugin Zone located in Copenhagen

The perfect place to get plugged in. Changing rooms, sauna, cold baths, and indoor/outdoor areas, catering to groups of 10 to 200.

Elevate your team’s potential with Hjalte

Elevate your team's potential with expert sessions in inner peace cultivation and energy direction. Read more about our options for Plugin Sauna, Breath, Party and keynotes for a harmonious and focused workforce.

Trained with the best facilitators worldwide for more than 7 years

Business and leadership experience from founding SOUNDBOKS

Has facilitated and helped 1000+ people with great feedback

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Reclaim the potential of partying

There is nothing that can destroy our health and ambition like a good old party! However, we believe inner peace and partying can go hand in hand.

Build meaningful connections

Expand your comfort zone and get high on life

Celebrate both monday morning and friday evening


Download our free apps to get plugged in!

Plugin Events

Get started with the Plugin Event Platform in less than 2 minutes and book your first intro event for only 80 DKK (Save 200DKK).

Plugin Community

Connect with likeminded Plugin people, on a platform with 0 ads, no self-promotion and create and join free member-created events.

Testimonials from Plugin Members

“You only have to try one Plugin session to realize how game changing they are both physically and mentally."

Anders Hofman

Athlete & Founder, Project Iceman

"Going deep with yourself and your team makes your collaboration stronger"

Nicklas Starke

CEO, Motion Media

“The combination of Plugin Events pushes the limits for what you think is possible."

Anthon Hofman

Consultant, McKinsey & Company

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today

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